Urbaani Luovuus, Urban Creativity, was launched at the premises and in the neighbourhood of the Faculty of Culture and Creative Industries at Metropolia. The unique surroundings of the Arabianranta and Vanhakaupunki districts - characterized by beautiful old factory buildings, the Vanhakaupunki torrent, the natural conservation zone and the founding spot of Helsinki as well as the two Universities of Applied Sciences and the Art University, the different companies and an exceptionally active residents’ association - provided a fruitful environment for the project.
For some time, the Faculty of Culture and Creative Industries at Metropolia has been developing methods of applied arts that help find solutions capable of understanding human life. The Urban creativity project has resulted in activities which honour and consult the inhabitants of the district.

Urban Creativity has publishd a book called Culture On Your Doorstep (edited by Aleksandra Meyer, Suvi Aho, Anna-Maria Vilkuna, Pilvi Kallio and Tuire Ranta-Meyer). The book, a shorted edition or its Finnish counterpart, discusses the role of culture in regional development and looks at the possibilities that the Faculty or Culture and Crative Industries at Metropolia has in promoting crativity and multi-voicedness in its immediate surroundings.

More Information: Yhteystiedot